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Win a Playstation 5! Free to enter PS5 Giveaway Hosted by

What’s up fellow gamers, win a Playstation 5! Free to enter PS5 giveaway it’s been a while since Sony has released a new gaming console. The long wait is almost over. Sony has confirmed that the console will be released for the 2020 holiday season.

This means you will be able to pre order ps5 really soon!. The rumors are that the PlayStation 5 pre orders will go live sometime in March. History has a way of repeating its self. This means that the PS5 will sell out super fast, everyone wants the first generation!

I don’t know much about investing into stocks nor should you take my investing advice, but I’m pretty sure you can’t lose money by pre ordering the PS5 and then listing it right away on eBay. In the past, they have sold for double, sometimes triple the value since not everyone gets their pre-orders in for the PS5 or they don’t want to stay in line for days at the brick and mortar store for a chance to snag a new console. is a website built by a fellow gamer to keep you updated with all PS5 news, rumors and facts. The website will also give away 1 PlayStation 5 console to 1 LUCKY winner. The giveaway is 100% free to enter. Click the image above or here to enter the free giveaway for a PlayStation 5.

Please comment below if you have entered this giveaway for your chance to win a FREE PlayStation 5 when its released in the United States. Do you own any of the old gen PlayStation consoles? We would love to hear about it below under Facebook Comments.

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