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Perfect Hawk 250 DLX Gift for Motorcycle Lovers

As kids, most of us loved seeing motorcycles pass by and dreamed of the day we would be able to ride one. Then we get older and realize that motorcycles are not as affordable as we would like, or are they? If you are looking for a great dual sport motorcycle that is affordable, easy to ride on and unisex, look no further! The Hawk 250 DLX model is a great starter bike that will get you excited about riding, whether you want to cruise on the road, enjoy the dirt track, or learn to ride a motorcycle.

hawk 250 dlx discount

Hawk250 is an enduro motorcycle by Ricky Power Sports. They were launched in 2015 and became very popular. The bike comes in a large crate and with few simple instructions, you can put the bike together, add gas and oil and hit the road. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will help you with this task. The best part of this bike is the price tag which is $1,300 at You can also choose to pay with credit or PayPal card for a set amount of months. This makes it idea when you are on a tight budget.

The new and improved Hawk 250 DLX is a great Christmas, birthday or surprise gift! It’s sleek with golden accents and is around $1950. It comes in three color options; black, green and blue. For $2150 the bike can come fully assembled and tested. The bike has 250cc, a digital reader and can help you achieve top speed of 68mph. Since it’s only 250cc you will feel more secure on the bike knowing it can’t go crazy speeds of 120+ mph. This bike is perfect for learning to ride and complying with the state speed limit. For even greater savings, use the discount code hawkdlx2 at checkout at

hawk 250
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