Cool Gadgets for the Kitchen

The right kitchen gadget can help you out in the kitchen tremendously and make your life a little simpler. Prep time could even be cut in half if you have the right kitchen tools. When it comes to nifty gadgets for the chef or someone that loves to cook, the choices are in abundance! You might even find cool gadgets for the kitchen for yourself. I know I did!

Top Six Cool Gadgets for the Kitchen

Onion Holder and Slicer– This kitchen gadget will make slicing your onions easy and convenient. You can also use it for potatoes and other veggies. This tool can also help you keep your hands clean and avoid smelling like onions for days.

Amco Rub Away Bar– If your friend likes to cut onions the old fashion way and then complain about their hands smelling, give them this soap. They will thank you and you won’t have to deal with their onion, garlicy, or fishy hand smells.

Fruit Peelers and Slicers– There are many different fruit peelers and slicers available today so you can purchase them individually or a set that does multiple things. There are orange peelers as well as complete sets for cutting apples, mashing avocado, juicing lemons and peeling kiwi. One cute and colorful example is the FGN fruit slicer gadget set.

Vegetable Spiralizers– A great way to eat more veggies or present your salads is by spiraling them. You can create everything from spiral potatoes to spiral zucchini and carrots.

Watermelon Slicer– Most of us love watermelons and eat them year round, especially in the summer when they are in season. The issue with watermelons is slicing them. I know I struggle to use a large knife to slice my watermelon. There are many tools now that will give you perfect watermelon ad melon slices as well as tools that will give you watermelon balls.

Kitchen Gadget Tools Set– When you have a home and a kitchen there are some tools you will need such as a pizza slicer, a can opener and a cheese grater. Look for tool sets that offer a colorful variety that can be used and are helpful in the kitchen.

Kitchen Gifts Ideas

These are just some simple ideas for kitchen gadget tool that will make great gifts for newlyweds or new home or apartment owners. You can look for other tools that will make the recipients life easier and help them bake and cook more delicious meals. You can find plenty of cool gadgets for the kitchen gifts including for those that love sales, making and cooking incredible meals. Colorful kitchen gadgets are not only pretty but can add more color to someone’s home and can make cooking more enjoyable.

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