Coffee Lover Gift Ideas

Today, I want to talk about coffee lover gift ideas! I love coffee and have been drinking it since I was seven. My grandma did not like to drink coffee alone so I joined in. She started me off with a cup full of milk with a splash of coffee. By the time I was nine I was drinking Turkish coffee with her like a pro.

As a coffee lover and drinker, I can tell you what I like and don’t like. I love my coffee dark and black and hot! Nothing worse than coffee getting cold unless I’m sipping on blueberry iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. If you know a person that loves their coffee just as much, here are some great coffee lover gift ideas to inspire you for their next gift.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Container– I get my whole bean coffee from a local store at $3.99 a pound. I choose the type of beans I want and fill up the paper bag. Leaving your coffee, whether whole bean or grinds, in the bag is not the best option. The strong aroma will evaporate and you won’t get as strong flavored coffee as you desire. This is why you should have a coffee container that will keep your coffee sealed from moisture and other household smells.

Coffee Spoon and Clip Combo– If you know for sure that your friend will not appreciate a coffee container, get him/her a coffee spoon and clip combo. This spoon can be used for scooping out the coffee and the clip can make sure the coffee bag is sealed air-tight.

Coffee Grinder– I love whole bean coffee and grind it freshly in the morning for my pot. You can give your friend a bag of whole bean coffee with a coffee grinder. I use the Nutri Bullet since it has a grinder attachment and I can use the set for smoothies as well.

USB Heating Coffee Mug– These travel mugs are perfect for the car or at work. You can keep your coffee hot while driving to work or running other errands.

Coffee Mug Heater– If your friend works from home, you can get them a coffee mug heater. It plugs in an outlet or USB and keeps the mug and coffee at perfect temperature. This is perfect for those that hate cold coffee. Some people use these heaters for other things like melting wax.

Iced Coffee Maker– Zoku makes a travel mug that turns your hot coffee to iced coffee in 7 minutes. If you know someone that just loves their iced coffee, they will love this iced coffee mug.

Sip Sip Hooray

These are just some of the different gifts for coffee lovers that you can scoop up and give. I will always accept a bag of quality whole bean coffee, for any of my friends reading this. *Wink, wink* If you want your friend to enjoy coffee even more, consider getting them a French press. They are affordable, easy to use and produce quality strong coffee that every coffee lover needs to try!

If your friend loves their Turkish/Greek or espresso coffee, consider getting them a new coffee cup sets. These cups are small and are perfect for the strong coffee. When it comes to your coffee lover friends, the choices are endless.

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