Best Quarantine Gifts

quarantine gift ideas

These few months have been very difficult and stressful on a lot of people all over the world. Not only were we stuck inside but we had to fear going out and getting our groceries. I have a routine of taking off my clothes in the garage, taking a shower and disinfecting everything that I […]

New Blog What’s Trending in Men’s & Women’s Fashion

New Blog What’s Trending in Men’s & Women’s Fashion During these strange times it’s important to stay positive and not let yourself go. Since we all have a lot of time on our hands we are looking through our closets and realizing that our wardrobe needs an update. Staying stylish might not solve COVID-19 but […]

Win a Playstation 5! Free to enter PS5 Giveaway Hosted by

PS5 Free Giveaway

What’s up fellow gamers, win a Playstation 5! Free to enter PS5 giveaway it’s been a while since Sony has released a new gaming console. The long wait is almost over. Sony has confirmed that the console will be released for the 2020 holiday season. This means you will be able to pre order ps5 […]

Perfect Hawk 250 DLX Gift for Motorcycle Lovers

Hawk 250

As kids, most of us loved seeing motorcycles pass by and dreamed of the day we would be able to ride one. Then we get older and realize that motorcycles are not as affordable as we would like, or are they? If you are looking for a great dual sport motorcycle that is affordable, easy […]

Gifts for Men

Even though we complain and whine about the men in our lives, we still love them. This is why when it’s their birthday, holiday or anniversary we want to surprise them with gifts they will love. My hubby knows how to surprise me and gives me pretty awesome gifts –whether edible or wearable. I on […]