Best Celebrity Gifts

Celebrities have the money to splurge, unlike the rest of us that are scraping by and looking for nickels and dimes under the sofa. While we can’t buy the expensive things, we can sure read about them and step into la-la land dreaming of these extravagant gifts. Here is my list of the best celebrity gifts that we’ve heard about. Whether they are all true or not, we will never really know.

Extravagant Celebrity Gifts

Justin Bieber received a car for his 18th birthday. It was electric and well over $100,000. I guess it’s money well spent. This kid also got a Lamborghini from Diddy for his 16th birthday.

 Angelina Jolie purchased her husband a jet and flying lessons. This gift was worth over a million dollars! Hmm, who keeps the jet after their recent split? I guess Brad does since it was a gift.

Beyonce Knowles gave her man a Bugatti (a very fast and cool looking car) which cost her a nice two million dollars. If you want it, you gatta spend money on it…

Courteney Cox gave her friend Jennifer Aniston a Channel bicycle that is over ten thousand dollars. Meanwhile, I through that my $179 bicycle that we purchased in Walmart was too expensive. I would never want to ride a 10K dollar bike!

Adam Sandler gave the main male cast of “Grown-Ups” each their own Maserati. Celebrities sure like to give away cars.

Opera Winfrey gave a new Pontiac to all of her 276 audience members over ten years ago. If you kept the car you had to pay the 6K tax and those that sold their cars right away still paid the 6K tax price tag. Well, the good free things in life are not always what they seem.

Jaden Smith purchased his mom gold grills for her 45th birthday. “The rule in the house is get what you want the person to have versus trying to think about what I want,” said Jada Pinkett Smith.

Kanye gave his wife Kim a Birkin bag that their daughter hand painted on. This bag is said to have cost around 16 thousand dollars.

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